Does a damaged hymen mean some body is certainly not a virgin?


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People created with a snatch enjoys a hymen, a collar of muscle on entrances your genitals.

Equally all bodies are different, hymens may also be different. Analyzing a hymen cannot let you know things about virginity.


  1. There is a lot of misinformation in regards to the hymen as well as how they relates to virginity.
  2. We’re not clear on the actual biological role of this hymen.
  3. Hymens are not generally damaged by sex or activities.
  4. Hymens changes throughout life in reaction to hormonal degrees (largely oestrogens).
  5. Virginity is not an actual thing, but a quality as possible elect to give anyone – it can’t be taken away or missing.
  6. Extremely common to not ever bleed the very first time you have intercourse – bleeding (or perhaps not) doesn’t state things about virginity.

Hymens through history

Throughout record, patriarchal countries purchased the intimate reputation of babes and women to find out their unique condition and value, and the updates regarding groups and communities.

It is incorrectly believed that by taking a look at the hymen possible prove whether a woman try a virgin. Even though this ‘virginity-testing’ was condemned as an infraction of human rights, it nonetheless keeps in lot of parts of the world today and certainly will feel a controversial issue across different cultures and religions.

What is a normal hymen?

The hymen are a stretchy collar of tissue from the entrance your snatch.

It really is covered by the labia. It can be when compared with a scrunchie (hair connect) – with bunched-up structure that expands whenever extended (eg, go to this site during intercourse or making use of tampons) then comes back to their bunched-up shape a short while later. Hymens may be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. They could has a ring shape, half-moon profile or squiggly borders with notches – all these are regular. The dimensions of the orifice in your hymen furthermore varies sizes and profile.

Graphics credit: Countrywide Youngsters’ Hospital

What is an imperforate hymen?

Imperforate hymen was a condition in which there’s no beginning (or an extremely small people) within hymen. This turns out to be a problem with menstrual (durations) as bloodstream cannot appear, creating soreness. This may also create problems with moving urine (peeing) or bowel movements (pooing).

You can also have difficulties with inserting tampons or sex. This is certainly an uncommon difficulties (around one in every 2000 babes) and requires surgical treatment under anaesthetic to offer the hymen an opening to allow bloodstream to stream.

How can the hymen change? Your own hymen changes throughout your lifestyle.

  • Before the age of puberty, their hymen was thinner and could end up being sensitive and painful.
  • During puberty, increasing bodily hormones (oestrogen) trigger your own hymen as well as other vaginal tissue being thicker and stretchier.
  • While pregnant, increasing bodily hormones result in your genital areas becoming actually stretchier to accommodate childbearing.
  • Childbearing may also change the form of the hymen along with your genital structures.
  • With menopausal and aging, your hymen and other genital tissues being thinner once again (as oestrogen reduces).

Something virginity?

Virginity try a good we all bring – it is really not an actual thing. Its your option to express your virginity and feel sexual intimacy with another individual – without force or disability (eg, from pills or alcoholic drinks). It cannot getting destroyed or used by someone else. This is really important to read, since you have charge of one’s muscles and of your sex.

Can you tell if some one is actually a virgin considering whether they bleed if they have intercourse?

You cannot determine if individuals is a virgin or not according to whether or not they bleed initially obtained sex. About half of females bleed when they very first have intercourse, and 50 % of female don’t bleed. Both are completely typical.

Bleeding may come from tiny splits in your hymen or their vagina by itself. The bleeding must certanly be light than an interval and ought ton’t last for significantly more than a short time as they rips heal rapidly because there is an excellent circulation.

Some hymens are stretchier as opposed to others and will never ever split or bleed. It’s impossible to inform by considering a hymen whether you’ve got got intercourse or otherwise not.

Other variables including genital dry skin, not-being aroused (fired up), body ailments (issues or irritation) and harsh sexual contact may also create bleeding.

There are various other factors behind hemorrhaging after sex.